Are you concerned about aging? Feeling anxious about the possibility of a bleak future of impaired cognitive function, decreased vitality and even loss of independence?

Our food sources, lifestyles, environment and stress levels are drastically different from those of our parents and grandparents. Many of the foods we consume are less nutritious. 

Despite these facts, you have options to insure the possibility of aging well. Not all is genetics. Studies show there are many ways we can support our brains and bodies with proper nutrition. Your future health is an essential investment. Let me help you map out a strategy for optimal aging. 

Nutritional Consulting  

Optimal Aging 

Johanne Arnemann, M.S.

I will help you create an individualized eating plan that:

  • helps you conquer cravings 
  • balances energy
  • improves digestion
  • supports health
  • helps you eat with joy!

Learn the secrets to lasting success with dietary change. I will suggest supplements that can help you attain optimal health and reduce current illness. I have successfully supported clients with illnesses that include cardiovascular disease, cancer, eczema, IBS and other digestive ailments, hypoglycemia, and many more! 

Counseling available at Centerville Yoga. Visit or call Johanne @ 774 722 1911.